Smart Screen blue light protection lenses

Introducing Smart Screen

The clear look you want with the Blue Light protection your eyes need.

Smart Screen lenses

Our Smart Screen lenses are cosmetically clear with the Blue Light filtering technology embedded into the polycarbonate lens material.

3 times - decorative graphic

Smart Screen lenses filter 3x more Blue Light than the industry standard clear, plastic lens.*

45 percent - decorative graphic

Smart Screen lenses reduce Blue Light by 45%, protecting your eyes from the most damaging light rays.**

Protect your eyes and filter out Blue Light.
*Than standard clear plastic lens at 420nm. **Between 380nm to 460nm.

Concerned About Blue Light?

Blue Light (also known as High Energy Visible Light) is at the far end of the visible spectrum, close to ultraviolet light, with a wavelength of between 380-460 nanometers.

regulating sleep cycle
regulating sleep cycle

Blue Light is very important for regulating our sleep/wake cycle, but too much Blue Light in the evening can make it difficult to sleep.

Retina discomfort

Blue Light can pass through to the back of the eye, reaching the light-sensitive retina causing discomfort.

Eye strain

Prolonged exposure to Blue Light can cause digital eye strain and may cause retina damage.

Blue Light is Everywhere

Blue Light is all around us, from the sun outside to the digital devices we interact with daily to the fluorescent and LED light bulbs in our homes, schools and at work.

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Start protecting your eyes from Blue Light.