Back to School Eye Exams:
Why they are Critically Important for your Children

When you check off items on your 'Back-To- School' checklist, don't forget to make an eye exam appointment for your child. August is National Children's Vision Month which is a perfect time to talk about the importance of providing the best vision and eye health for your kids. Having great vision is critical for success in school. In order to learn well, one must see well. As parents, unless we see something physically out of the ordinary with our child's eyes or they are not exhibiting signs or symptoms of eye strain we may tend to ignore the need for routine eye care with a Doctor of Optometry. Children are not always able to recognize they may be experiencing blurry vision at distance or trouble focusing at near. They may just accept this as their baseline. Did you know that 1 out of 4 school age children suffer from some type of uncorrected vision problem?

Also, as the classrooms start to fill across America, autumn is prime season for school vision screenings and some parents may rely on vision screenings as the only vision test their child gets. Keep in mind, these screenings are helpful, but they are not examinations and they do not replace the need for a comprehensive eye examination with a Doctor of Optometry. Also, school screenings are helpful, but upwards of 75% of children with vision problems are missed on school screenings. Still, 40% of kids who fail a school vision screening never receive follow-up care so the eye condition remains uncorrected which can lead to the child struggling with academics and athletics. Personally, I was one of those kids. Struggling in grammar school, I had to repeat the 2nd grade. Unknown to me or my parents was the fact that I was severely nearsighted and was unable to see the blackboard. Once I was diagnosed and treated with full-time spectacles my grades soared!

So what can we do as parents? Be pro-active and make the appointment for an eye health evaluation today. Your Visionworks Doctor of Optometry has received highly specialized training to diagnose, treat and manage eye disorders in children of all ages. This comprehensive eye exam will ensure your child has the best visual acuity and the most optimum ocular health to continue to perform well both academically and athletically.

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