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Integrity & Code of Business Conduct

In today's highly competitive business climate, our reputation depends largely upon our integrity.
Visionworks of America has built a solid reputation that our Customers can depend upon. In preserving this long-standing tradition, integrity stands as the foundation for all our business endeavors.
Building a strong reputation is difficult, but losing it is easy. That is particularly true today as the health care industry, including health insurers, is under increasing scrutiny. Questionable or unlawful acts quickly erode public confidence, causing our customers to lose trust in us.
Visionworks of America is determined to build upon and improve our relationship with customers, using a deeply ingrained system of core values. At Visionworks of America, we embrace our Corporate Values. We recognize that it is not enough to merely comply with laws and regulations, but it's imperative to abide by the highest ethical standards in serving our constituents and community. Therefore, it is important that we do not lose sight of one basic principle of integrity -- "We care not only for the end result, but how it is obtained." This means conducting ourselves with integrity in everything we do.
The responsibilities and expectations found in the Code of Business Conduct are not new. Visionworks of America, Inc. Code of Business Conduct forms the backbone of our ethical culture. In fact, over the years it has become the cornerstone of Visionworks of America, Inc. commitment to integrity and one of Visionworks of America, Inc. core values.
In these Web pages, you will find Visionworks of America, Inc. Code of Business Conduct that embodies our commitment to integrity and ethical business conduct. We invite you to review these standards and to hold us to them. This will allow us to preserve and strengthen our long tradition as an ethical organization.
These basic principles of integrity serve as a path to what is proper in most work situations, regardless of the job at hand. Visionworks of America, Inc. associates use them as a primary road map to be successful at Visionworks of America, Inc. and in life.

  • Personal and professional integrity is and has been our most important attribute;
  • We care not only for the end result but also how it's obtained;
  • We are honest and forthright. We observe all laws and regulations. It is clear that lawful behavior is not quite enough; ethical behavior is our standard;
  • We trust and rely on our instincts to tell us something is not quite right;
  • Customer, provider and supplier relations are the cornerstones of our business. They must be built upon credibility and mutual respect;
  • We demand ethical conduct in all of our activities;
  • We strive to do the right thing.

Code of Business Conduct

Each job at Visionworks of America, Inc. carries with it special considerations. Our Code of Business Conduct points us down the right path when we encounter specific work situations. The Code is made up of specific policies we each must follow, as our jobs dictate.
Visionworks of America, Inc. Code of Business Conduct reflects the company's commitment to the highest standards of ethical business conduct. This Code helps each of us do our jobs better by providing guidance in making day-to-day decisions.
Just as a map does not identify every street and alley, it is important to recognize that our Code of Business Conduct, even though detailed, cannot address every conceivable situation where we may need ethical guidance. However, the Integrity Process-the Visionworks of America, Inc. ethical framework-values teamwork, pride and excellence in attaining goals. In short, we care not only for the end result but also how it was attained.
The Visionworks of America, Inc. Code of Business Conduct is designed to provide a clear guidance of the business conduct. Our Code reflects the company's commitment to the highest standards of ethical business conduct.
The Code is intended to reinforce the principle that each and every one of us has a responsibility to help ensure that, as a company, Visionworks of America, Inc. operates legally and ethically in its business conduct.

Contact Our Integrity and Compliance Department

If you have a concern or general inquiry regarding the Integrity Process or its Code of Business Conduct, please contact our company's Integrity Office, toll-free, at 1-800-985-1056.

Send written inquiries to:
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Integrity and Compliance
P.O. Box 22492
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